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Updated on 30th of October 2020.

You are visiting our official website at‎. Our website contains both its own and third-party cookies, in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.

By accepting the Cookies notice, you give your consent to the installation of the cookies outlined (unless you have modified your browser settings to reject by default all or certain cookies).


A cookie is a text file that includes small amounts of data. It is downloaded and stored on your device/terminal when you visit our website. Cookies are then returned to their originating website on subsequent visits, or to another website that recognises that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow information to be stored and retrieved about the number of visits a user makes, or their browsing habits or device. Depending on the information they contain and the way you use your device, cookies can be used to recognise users and improve their experience of the website.

You can find more information about cookies at:


On our website we use technical or session cookies, analytical, advertising and social network cookies.

In the table created for this purpose, you will be duly informed of the types of Cookie that are used to collect information that may be processed by third parties as joint data controllers.

  1. Technical or Session Cookies

    This website uses technical, or session cookies, which are cookies that allow the user to navigate through the website and to use the various options or services it provides. For example, these cookies identify the session, authenticate the user, remember an order, use security elements during browsing, store content for playing videos or sound, or set the language, as well as identify the place of origin (country) of the user to be redirected to the corresponding domain. Disabling these cookies will prevent some of the website functionalities from working properly.

    Technical or Session Cookies
    Service/Cookie Supplier Ownership More information Duration
    AdobeAdobea)Barça Licensing & Merchandising, S.L, (hereinafter,BLM),b)FC Barcelona (hereinafter,FCB),c) Fundació Privada Futbol Club Barcelona (hereinafter,FFCB) These cookies are used to determine whether the user has accepted the installation of cookies. These cookies also allow us to know the place of origin (country) of the user in order to be redirected to the corresponding domainSession
    It is used to store information about the current session on the user's computer. It is a necessary cookie for the website to function properly, for example to facilitate navigation between pages.Session
    SAP cCommerceSAPBLM
    It is used to review user consents and information with which users may interact.Session
  2. Analytical Cookies

    This website uses analytical cookies to collect statistics about user activity and general activity on the website. The information collected allows us to optimise browsing on our website and guarantee the best service to the user, identifying the number of pages visited, for example, the language used, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the length of visits or the browser used, among other information. Users can exclude their activity through the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools or by the configuration of their browser.

    Analytical Cookies
    Service/Cookie Supplier Ownership More information Duration
    Adobe AnalyticsAdobe AnalyticsBLM
    These cookies allow us to uniquely identify a visitor and collect statistics on the use of the website by users, among other things the data we collect allows us to know for example the number of visits made by a user, the duration, the page from which you access our website, search engine, place from which you access.
    For more information access to:
    Up to 2 years
    Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsBLM
    They allow us to collect statistics on the use of the website by users. Among other things, the data we collect allows us to know, for example, the number of visits made by a user, their duration, the page from which they access our website, the search engine, and the place from which they access it.
    For more information access to:
    Up to 2 years
    These cookies allow us to collect statistics, know the last site visited, perform tests, and know the navigation through our website.
    For more information access to:
    2 years
    mboxAdobe TargetBLM
    This cookie is used to give advertising agencies non-personal and statistical information about user behaviour on the website, so that they can check which content and offers are most relevant to users:
    For more information access to:
    2 weeks
    Pixel FacebookFacebookBLM
    Pixel used to observe if a user is interested in a certain product.Session
    Píxel de GoogleGoogleBLM
    Pixel used to observe if a user is interested in a certain product.session
  3. Social Media Cookies

    This website uses social media cookies to enable the user to share content from our website on social media and to connect to such platforms, via the so-called social media buttons.

    We do not control the cookies installed by each social media platform, however these are usually technical cookies to manage logins or to display the counter showing the number of times a particular piece of content has been shared.

    We recommend that all users review the privacy and cookies policies of each social media platform and, where appropriate, modify the privacy parameters for each in order to limit any tracking that they may carry out.

    Social Media Cookies
    Service Supplier More information
  4. Advertising Cookies

    This website uses advertising cookies which allow the advertising space that has been included on the website to be managed effectively, normally by third parties, and which allow the advertising content to be adapted so that it is relevant to the user, does not repeat advertising they have already seen, as well as limits the number of times we show advertising to each user.

    In accordance with their own policies, some advertising managers may use anonymous cookies to show you relevant ads when you visit other websites. In any case, users can configure their browser to accept these cookies or not.

    Advertising Cookies
    Service/Cookie Supplier Ownership More information Duration
    Facebook AdsFacebookBLM
    This helps us show relevant ads to people who may be interested in our products or services.
    For more information access to:
    3 months
    These cookies collect information about user behaviour and track it across different sites to display advertising based on user preferences and limit the number of times a user is impacted by anad. They also allow for the personalisation of the ads displayed, and the measurement of conversions.
    For more information access to:
    Up to 2 years
    Adobe Marketing CloudDemdexBLM
    It sets a unique identification that is used for semantic analysis of content, records user navigation on the website and links to offline data from surveys and similar records to display specific ads. They also use a unique identifier to enable advertising centres to provide real-time offers to external advertisers who want to target the user with personalised advertising.
    For more information access to:
    180 days
    CriteoCriteo Dynamic RetargetingBLM
    Cookies used to display personalized ads to users. For more information acces to: months
    It is used as a unique user ID for tracking across many Microsoft domains.
    For more information acces to:
    13 months


At any time, the user is able to accept or reject the installation of cookies or reject the installation of a certain type of cookie, such as for example advertising and third-party cookies. In addition, after each session one can delete all or some of the stored cookies.

Please note that if you accept third party cookies, and should you wish to delete them, you must do so through the cookie removal options established in section 4 of this Policy.

Additionally, if the user wishes to avoid the storage of cookies, they can activate:

- private browsing, whereby the browser stops saving your browsing history, website passwords, cookies and other information about the pages you visit, or

- the Do Not Track function, whereby the browser asks the websites you visit to not track your browsing habits, used for example to show relevant advertising on the sites you visit.

We recommend that you check the help section of your browser to find out more about the different options for managing cookies. Remember that blocking cookies may affect all or some of the features of our website.

Below you can find information on managing or deactivating cookies from the main browsers:

Browser Link
Microsoft Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer cookie settings
Apple SafariSafari cookie settings
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome cookie settings
Mozilla FirefoxFirefox cookie settings
Windows PhoneWindows Phone cookie settings

The previous links may be updated by the Companies that develop these browsers. BLM will make every reasonable effort to keep the above list properly updated. However, if a link does not work or is not updated, you can go to the “Help” menu of your browser.

If you would like to have more control over the installation of Cookies, you can install programmes or add-ons to your browser, known as “Do Not Track” tools, which allow you to choose the Cookies you permit.


When you visit our website for the first time, we will offer you the opportunity to configure the Cookies you want to install. You can object to the installation of any category of Cookies except for the technical ones, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website.

Also, as indicated in the previous section, Users can reject the installation of a certain type of cookie at any time by configuring the browser itself.

Also, some of our providers have a direct system to object to the installation of their Cookies. Below, you will find a list of providers and links:

Service Opt-Out
Google Analytics

Please note that if you delete the cookies from your browser at any time, your opt-out preferences from previous providers may be removed, so you will need to object to their installation again


Pixels can collect information such as the browser used, the IP address, the frequency of visits and how long these last, as well as track users’ actions on the website (purchases added to the basket, purchased products, or redirects to other websites, opening of newsletters, actions that generate more visits and purchases, type of interested audience, etc.).

In addition to tracking pixels or web beacons, we may also use other user identification and monitoring techniques known as fingerprinting. These allow us to verify certain technical parameters of the user’s device (such as the browser used, operating system, screen resolution, installed plugins and add-ons, font, IP address, language, time zone, etc.) and that, once combined, can allow your individual identification. Said information will be used to monitor the user’s activity and browsing, and to profile them.


Consult our General Privacy Policy for more information about the processing of your personal data or to know how to exercise your rights.


We reserve the right to modify this Cookie Policy at any time and without prior notice, as required by law or in order to improve the website.

While we may make efforts to notify you of such changes if we make any significant changes, we recommend that you review the Cookie Policy when you access the site.

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